"Cooking is at once child's play and adult joy. And cooking done with care is an act of love."
Craig Claiborne
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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Cleaning a Prawn

cooking tips

How to clean a prawn

- Cut away the head and then the tail.

- Use a tooth-prick to carefully dig out the veins.

- If you are shelling the prawns,simply use a small knife to slit along the back of prawn to remove veins.

Decide whether to retain or remove head/tail according to your menu.

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Preparing Chinese Mushroom

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Soaking Chinese Dried Mushrooms
Chinese mushroom is highly nutritious. Most use hot water to soak mushroom and think this is a faster way to soften it.
In fact,soaking in hot water will lose its nutrients. Soaking for too long will also deteriorate the taste.

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Cleaning a Crab

cooking tips

How to clean a crab

- Grip one of the pincers and tear open the rear shell and cut the body into halves. Set aside.

- Cut off the pincers' rope. Crack and cut off the pincers.

- Tear apart the shell from the body.

cleaning crab
- Remove all intestines from the shell.

- Remove the shell's edges.

- Remove the two rows of feathery gills and clean thoroughly under running tap water.

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Tips for Brief Deep-frying

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Brief deep-frying means the prepared ingredients are deep-fried briefly in boiling oil until half-cooked before cooking as to enhance their aroma and texture.

Deep Frying TurkeyImage by nukeit1 via Flickr

- The oil should cover ingredients.

- The oil should be in high temperature.

- Add ingredients along the wok side.

- Take note for the 'sound'. If the sound is getting lower,the fluid of ingredient has vapoured out,so the ingredient should be removed immediately.
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